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Watch: UTC hands-on Equine Workshop

In an exclusive video from the ISELP, Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie leads a UTC hands-on equine workshop, demonstrating the power of Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) in equine diagnostics. This invaluable session offers a practical look at how UTC technology is revolutionizing the care and treatment of equine tendons and ligaments, setting new standards in veterinary medicine.

What You’ll Discover in the Video
  • In-Depth Demonstrations: See the UTC tracker in action, providing detailed scans of equine anatomy with unmatched precision.
  • Expert Interpretation: Learn from Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie as he explains how to accurately interpret UTC scans, a crucial skill for equine health management.
  • Practical Techniques: Gain insights into the best practices for utilizing UTC in your veterinary practice, enhancing your diagnostic capabilities.
UTC hands-on Equine Workshop

Insights Gained from this practical UTC Equine Workshop Video
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Techniques: This video provides a comprehensive overview of how to leverage UTC technology for more accurate equine diagnostics.
  • Guidance from a Field Expert: Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie’s detailed walkthroughs and explanations demystify the complexities of UTC scans, offering clear, actionable guidance.
  • Advancement in Equine Care: Discover how integrating UTC into your diagnostic repertoire can lead to more informed treatment decisions and better outcomes for equine patients.
Elevate Your Veterinary Practice with UTC

This hands-on UTC equine workshop video is a vital resource for veterinarians and equine health professionals seeking to deepen their diagnostic capabilities. By applying the techniques and insights shared by Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie, practitioners can significantly enhance the quality of care they provide to their equine patients.

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