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Inspirational Day at our UTC User meeting for Sport Horse Doctors

We’re still buzzing from the incredible energy and insights shared during our UTC User Meeting for sport horse doctors, held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam just a day before the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress.

Passionate group UTC users

It was an honor to host a passionate group of 16 UTC imaging users from all over the world during this UTC user meeting for sport horse , all working passionately with our reliable tool for managing equine athletes. Coming from all over the world, from China to Ireland, they all brought their unique cases and perspectives to the table. The depth of discussions, the exchange of ideas, and the shared commitment to advancing equine health was truly inspiring.

Interactive workshop during user meeting for sport horse doctors

Our participants presented 2 to 3 cases each, encompassing clinical history, UTC data-sets, analysis, and thoughtful interpretations. Besides for initial diagnosis and staging of injuries by means of UTC, this tool appeared to be unique for selecting appropriate targeted therapy and guided rehabilitation.

Being standardized, objective and highly reproducible, UTC appeared to be the modality of first choice for early detection of developing injuries, for longitudinal monitoring of repair, aiming at bringing the equine athlete back on track. We delved into the practical applications, conclusions, and therapeutic approaches, learning from each unique challenge and success story.

The discussions that unfolded were not just educational, but also reflective of the dynamic nature of equine sports medicine and the ever-evolving technology of UTC imaging. The vigorous debates, thoughtful questions, and collaborative problem-solving highlighted the day, offering invaluable lessons to all.

In this UTC user meeting for sport horse doctors all attendees shone a light on the practical application of UTC imaging in real-world scenarios, emphasizing its impact in diagnosing and treating equine tendinopathies.

This meeting was a testament to our mission at UTC Imaging: to foster professionals at center of excellence of learning, support, and innovation. It was a day filled with growth, networking, and, most importantly, a shared passion for improving the lives of equine athletes.

Thank you to all participants!

???? heartfelt thank you to all who participated and contributed to the success of this event. Your enthusiasm and expertise help us move forward in our journey of delivering exceptional care in the field of equine health.

Presentation Dr. Van Schie during the congress

During the congress, a select group of practitioners interested in UTC imaging convened for a specialized symposium chaired by Frans van Toor from SMDC in Heesch, the Netherlands. Dr. Van Schie, among others, presented a session on UTC dedicated to deepening the understanding of Ultrasound Tissue Characterization and its transformative role in equine tendon care.

The title of Dr. Van Schie’s presentation was: Understanding Tendon Injuries: The Clinical Challenge.

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