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UTC Imaging on patient
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State-of-the-art Ultrasound Scanner

The UTC System is a combination of the Terason Ultrasound Scanner, UTC Imaging software and the UTC Tracker

Ultrasound designed to
give you all the information
on the tendon you need


Terason Tablet Ultrasound System

Fully equiped high-end ultrasound

The UTC System makes use of a Terason Tablet ultrasound scanner that has its own built in powerful computer. This allows us to install the UTC imaging software straight onto the scanner. Both the Terason ultrasound scanner software as well as the UTC System software run in parallel at blazing speed.


Everything you need from a high-end
ultrasound system.
And more ....


UTC Tracker

Ultimate precision for acquisition of the 3-D ultrasound data

The UTC System is equipped with the so-called Tracker. Main function of the Tracker is to displace the ultrasound transducer in very accurate steps of 0.2 mm across the area of interest to collect successive 2-dimensional ultrasound slices for compounding into the 3-D data block. This approach eliminates all variables, including operator skills, ensuring accurate, reliable, and repeatable ultrasound data sets.


Get your patient back on track.
No more guessing.


UTC Dedicated Software

Revolutionary force, integrating raw ultrasound data with precise location details.

This fusion creates an unparalleled ultrasound data block. Its detail, powered by high-frequency transducer and Tracker precision of 0.2 mm, sets the foundation for our unique UTC imaging capabilities.


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