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UTC Software

At the heart of the UTC Imaging System, our software stands as a revolutionary force, integrating raw ultrasound data from the Terason scanner with precise location details from the Tracker.

This fusion creates an unparalleled ultrasound data block. Its detail, powered by high-frequency transducers and Tracker precision of 0.2 mm, sets the foundation for our unique UTC imaging capabilities.

From this advanced data block, our software constructs cross-sections in transverse, sagittal, and coronal planes, offering effortless navigation through any direction. The standout feature is the 3-D coronal cross-section, assembled layer by layer, providing what we term the ‘surgeon’s view.’ This offers a three-dimensional perspective of tendon structures, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and planning for interventions.

With presets tailored for different structures, our system standardizes ultrasound signals. This standardization makes the imaging process less dependent on operator expertise and ensures consistent, repeatable results.


An illustration of the detailed cross-sections generated by UTC software


Our software’s precision enables tracing ultrasound pixels across images, a feat made possible by UTC algorithms. This detailed tracking allows for the identification and color-coding of tendon structures based on their condition—green for intact bundles, blue for discontinuous ones, red for fibrillar tissue, and black for amorphous tissue.


A visualization of color-coded tendon analysis by UTC software


The standardization extends to the analysis, ensuring reliable, repeatable color-coding outcomes, which are crucial for consistent diagnostics.


A snapshot of the standardized analysis process in the UTC software

When analyzing tendon or tissue structures, our software quantifies the percentage of different colors for each image and the total volume. This quantification provides an objective measure for assessing the condition of the structure under study, a significant advantage in follow-up evaluations compared to other imaging methods.


A depiction of quantitative analysis in tendon assessment

By emphasizing accuracy, repeatability, and a three-dimensional understanding of tendon structures, our software sets a new standard in the field of diagnostic ultrasound technology.

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