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Putting Your Patients First: Tendinopathy Care with UTC Imaging

who we are

Revolutionizing Tendinopathy Diagnosis

UTC Imaging pioneers in revolutionizing diagnostic ultrasound. Born from a 2009 partnership between Dr. Hans T. M. van Schie and Classic Imaging, it melds expertise in orthopedics, computer science, imaging, and engineering. Our diverse team excels in turning complex science into practical solutions for diagnosing tendon, ligament, and muscle issues.

What we do

Transforming Tendon Care

Tendinopathy, a prevalent cause of injuries in sports, workplaces, and everyday life, stands as a key focus of our work. Recognizing the significant impact of tendon-related injuries – affecting not only a vast number of athletes but also those in occupational settings and individuals with sedentary lifestyles – we’re driven to make a difference.

Our Principles

Patients’ needs will always be our main consideration.

Pioneers in ultrasound

Our founders

UTC Imaging owes its innovative edge in tendon diagnostics to its founders: Bas Alberts, Ruud Kraan, Sjef Debets, and Hans van Schie.

With backgrounds spanning technology, leadership, engineering, and scientific research, they combine their strengths to push the boundaries of ultrasound imaging, offering specialists unparalleled tools for diagnosing and treating tendinopathy.

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