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Introducing the new Multi-angle Tracker: Advancing Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy

In the realm of sports medicine and physiotherapy, gaining detailed insights into the integrity of tendon and muscle structures is crucial. At UTC Imaging, we understand this importance, and that’s why we are proud to introduce our latest innovation: the Multi-angle Tracker.

Enhancing Visualization with Optimal Ultrasound Reflection

To achieve optimal ultrasound reflection, it’s ideal to hit the structure to be visualized perpendicularly. However, human tissue, and compromised tissue even more so, is seldom completely straight, causing the reflection from tendon or muscle tissue to vary depending on the insonation angle. By changing the insonation angle through tilting the transducer and more sweeps, structures that would otherwise remain hidden become visible.

Beta-testing Phase and Availability

Currently, several pre-production units are in a beta-testing phase. We are pleased to announce that these advanced Multi-angle Trackers are expected to become available in the course of 2024.

We’re also excited to share that this will be a new addition to our product line, alongside our existing Tracker.

Therefore, customers will have the choice between our current, highly efficient Tracker and this premium version.

Empowering Medical Professionals for Precise Diagnoses and Treatment Plans

With this innovation, we aim to empower medical professionals to make even more accurate diagnoses and develop effective treatment plans. We look forward to contributing to advancements in sports medicine and physiotherapy.

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