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Training and Support

Training and Mastery in UTC Imaging: Empowering Professionals

Begin Your Journey with Essential Training

At UTC Imaging, we understand the sophisticated nature of our technology and its novel position within the orthopedic curriculum. To bridge this gap, every purchase of a UTC System includes an essential training course. This course is meticulously designed to furnish you with the competencies required to leverage the advanced capabilities of UTC Imaging fully. Conducted in the Netherlands, our training ensures you gain thorough operational knowledge and become adept at interpreting the rich data our system provides.

The Learning Curve: Swift and Steep

UTC imaging is straightforward to learn, given the right foundation in tendon anatomy and a commitment to practice. The initial training spans two to three days, covering everything from the basics of UTC imaging, to scanning, analysis, and the crucial aspect of interpretation. Our automated scanning and analysis processes mean that you can grasp data acquisition swiftly, focusing more on the interpretation of color-coded images. This interpretation skill, vital for integrating UTC imaging into patient diagnostics, is honed through our extensive case database and live patient sessions.

Continuous Support for Seamless Integration

We believe in continuous education and support. After the initial training, utilizing the UTC system regularly for two to three months typically instills confidence and proficiency. To aid this journey, we provide ongoing educational support, ensuring that every user can integrate UTC imaging effectively into their clinical practice.

Our commitment to standardization sets UTC imaging apart, facilitating the sharing and discussion of imaging datasets online. This unique feature is supported by our online screen and operation sharing tools, included as standard with our UTC systems. Through regular educational discussions, we delve into dataset quality, analysis program selection, and practical implementation in clinical settings, all aimed at bolstering your skills.

Join Our Community of Experts

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your practice with UTC Imaging. Our comprehensive training and unwavering support pave the way for you to become a confident user, making a profound impact on patient care.

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