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Allen key screwdriver


2 mm Allen key screwdriver to facilitate exchanging a stand-off in the stand-off frame

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A Tracker comes with frame and stand-off mounted in place. For cleaning purposes or to exchange the stand-off, the stand-off frame can be released from the tracker by unscrewing the two screws under the tracker.

To exchange the stand-off, this 2 mm hex screw driver is needed.

Unscrew the 4 hex screws (1) at either side, to release the U-shaped aluminium stand-off Stand-off frameholding strips. When all 4 screws are removed, pull the sides (2) that hold the U-shaped strips and the handle in place away from each other. This will release the stand-off with the U-shapes strips from the frame.
Gently pull the U-shapes strips from the stand-off. Push the strips on the exchange stand-off in the same order they were taken off. Make sure they are all the way on before re-assembling the frame.

Push one side of the stand-off with strips onto one side of the frame.
Make sure the pins sticking out from the stand-off ease into the holes in the frame and the U-shaped strips fit nicely onto the squares on the frame. Insert the hex screws in the holes in the U-shaped strip and tighten them loosely.

Put the handle on the pin of the frame. Put the other side of the frame on, making sure the pins sticking out from the stand-off ease in the holes in the frame, the U-shaped strips fit well onto the squares and the handle slides onto the pin.

Insert the remaining hex screws and tighten them. Now tighten also the first two hex screws.

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