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Who we are

At UTC Imaging, we're at the forefront of transforming diagnostic ultrasound technology.

Founded in July 2009 through a collaboration between Dr. Hans T. M. van Schie, the inventor of the groundbreaking Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) technology, and Classic Imaging, a leader in diagnostic ultrasound, we've established ourselves as innovators in the field.
Our team is a fusion of passion and expertise, boasting a broad spectrum of knowledge ranging from fundamental and clinical orthopedic research to computer science, musculoskeletal imaging, image processing, electronics, engineering, fine mechanics, and ultrasound technology.

UTC Imaging owes its innovative edge in tendon diagnostics to its founders: Bas Alberts, Ruud Kraan, Sjef Debets, and Hans van Schie.

With backgrounds spanning technology, leadership, engineering, and scientific research, they combine their strengths to push the boundaries of ultrasound imaging, offering specialists unparalleled tools for diagnosing and treating tendinopathy.

Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie

Prof. Dr. Hans van Schie, the Scientific Director at UTC Imaging, is a distinguished figure in the field of tendinopathy research. Currently serving as a Professor and Senior Principal Research Fellow at Monash University since June 2012, his work resides at the intersection of physiotherapy and comparative research on tendinopathy. His tenure at Utrecht University in the Netherlands as an Associate Professor, coupled with his role as a Senior Researcher at Erasmus University Medical Center, underscores his significant contributions to the field.

Dr. van Schie’s journey in veterinary medicine, particularly as a specialized equine veterinarian for top athletes including the Dutch Olympic team and renowned dressage rider Ankie van Grunsven, has deeply informed his research. His doctoral work on Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) technology has laid the groundwork for UTC Imaging’s innovative approach to diagnosing and monitoring tendinopathies, solidifying his status as a pivotal figure in advancing the science of musculoskeletal imaging.


Ruud Kraan


Ruud Kraan, as Managing Director at UTC Imaging BV, channels over four decades of experience in medical technology into driving the company’s innovative edge.

His background, marked by roles in international sales, product management, and strategic development, directly contributes to UTC Imaging’s success in the highly competitive field of diagnostic ultrasound technology. Ruud’s pragmatic approach to leadership—emphasizing clear goals, direct communication, and measurable results—has been key in enhancing the UTC System’s development and market penetration. His efforts ensure that UTC Imaging not only leads in technology but also in delivering practical, effective solutions for specialists worldwide.

Ir. Bas Alberts

Bas Alberts brings an invaluable blend of technical expertise and deep-seated experience in ultrasound and medical technology. Bas ventured into the medical imaging arena by founding Pie Medical with a partner. Under his guidance, Pie Medical not only grew to a workforce of over 150 employees but also became a leading name in the ultrasound market, eventually going public. 

At UTC Imaging, Bas’s technical acumen is pivotal in advancing UTC technology to become the standard for comprehensive tendon research. His contributions are essential in providing specialists worldwide with superior diagnostic tools, showcasing his lifelong dedication to enhancing medical diagnostics through technological excellence.


Sjef Debets

Sjef Debets, co-founder of Debets Mechanical Support (DMS), plays a critical role in UTC Imaging’s success, contributing his vast expertise in precision engineering. Since November 2001, Sjef and DMS have specialized in delivering fine mechanics across various fields, from conceptualization to final production, including the manufacturing of unique components using advanced machinery for metal and synthetic materials. 
His education in precision technology from the Leidse Instrumentenmakers School and over 16 years as a mechanical engineer at Pie Medical were pivotal in developing the specialized tracker essential for UTC Imaging’s stabilized scanning process. Sjef’s contributions ensure the reliability and precision of our diagnostic tools.
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